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Spin the Bottle Meme

1. Please don't look ahead. It will be funnier for all of us if you don't actually READ the questions.
2. Please put a link in the comments section and link back to me or this page.
3. There is no rule #3, I just like the number.

1. Juliana
2. Cristan
3. Adrian
4. Rolin
6. Achille
7. Celso
8. Aria
9. Serenity
10. Natalia

1. 3 volunteers to go first. Why?
Adrian of course. Because he isn't afraid of it. Even though like five of these people are honestly related to him him but whatever.

2. The bottle spins to 4. What is 3's reaction?
Adrian: dude...bro. Why did we think it was okay to place this with like 70% family members?
They would then proceed to shake hands as that seems the most logical for them XD

3. 8 goes next. Who do they hope the bottle spins to? Aria hopes it lands on Cristan honestly. She had a crush on him for the months they al lived together. It does and she would flutter over and kiss his cheek.

4. 5 goes next, and the bottle lands on 7. Does anyone throw a hissy fit? ((O.o did not number them like that on purpose!))
Adriana would because she doesn't want anyone to know that she has a humungo crush on the blonde vampire. So she pretends, like her male counterpart, that she hates him. Of course because of the rules of the game she would have no choice. She's end up giving him a quick peck and then lean away like wiping at her mouth and muttering while ignoring her blush.

5. 6 is up next. Who would be most annoyed if the bottle landed on them? Not sure, honestly despite being annoyed by Achille and Celso in general, no one besides Adrian(and Adriana) had a problem with them so....I guess Adrian? He would conveniently  have to use the bathroom should it get close to landing on him though. XD but Julie would stop him and make him continue.

6. OH NO!! The bottle lands on them! What is the angry one's reaction? Adrian: well fuck. Then he would proceed to pull another repeat of what he did with his brother.

7. Now that that's over, who goes next? Why?
Juliana because she hasn't taken her turn nor been spun to.

8. Well, that was interesting. 10 spins, and the bottle points to one character's pet. WHAT HAPPENS? Well considering that only Nattie and Rolin really had pets it would most likely be her dog and she would call him over and kiss his nose while he licks the hell out of her.

9. Okay, then...... Now it's 2's turn. The bottle points to 3. Now what? Cristan spun to Adrian. They would have fun with it and he would hug his brother who would then fall backwards with his arms around Cristan and they would just start laughing.

10. All right, then. 7 is up. The bottle lands on who but 5. Is anyone angry now?
Adriana again and I think Celso would actually chuckle this time. Then Adriana would mutter curses at the gods but reluctantly allow him to be the one to give her the peck this time.

11. Niiiice. Now 9, who has yet to go or be landed on, must spin. Looking around, they realize that 8 and 2 are both asleep, for whatever reason. What diabolical plan do they come up with? Serenity? Oh she is too good for that! Though Julie and Adrian would have one for Cris and Aria should the bottle land on either of those two.

12. Too bad. The bottle lands on 1. Is 9 upset?
Nope. Not at all.

13. 4 is next to 9, and therefore goes next. Who dies? O.o dies? Uh....idk... Cristan?

14. Yep, that was random and uncalled for. But who did the bottle land on? Is 4 upset?
Probably Juliana. Nope. He's okay with that and she would come over and kiss his cheek.

15. 1 is next to 4, and revives whoever died in question 13, then spins. The bottle lands on the revived one. What is the kiss like?  Julie would laugh a bit at Cristan and then she would walk over and give him a kiss on the forehead.

16. Back to three. What's in the bottle?
White wine

17. Please continue with what you think would happen below.
Adrian and Adriana would probably end up getting drunk off of the wine and be really tipsy for the rest of the night. Beware of surprise confessions.
Oc, spin the bottle meme

i was bored and t

so some of these are my characters

and some
And Celso 
belong to :iconsubtleassiduities:
In the large room the little girl sat in the chair beside her mother, her legs kicking absently as the older woman spoke to someone the toddler was unable to see over the large table. She glanced around in search of something to do and when she caught sight of a figure outside the door she cooed happily and crawled from the chair.

She toddled from the room, one hand at her lips, her finger in her mouth. She cried out quietly as she stepped from the door. "Onm..." She tried but with her hand in the way the sound was muffled, undetectable. The figure kept walking and the three year old whined. "Onm!" She cried a bit louder. She turned and hurried after him. Halfway down the hall she fell with a thud. After a moment of silent shock she let out a strangled wail.

The figure down the hall jumped in surprise and turned to look at her. The toddler only wailed harder, wiping at her eyes with chubby fists. The figure rushed over, frowning. The toddler whimpered and looked up as she moved enough to be sitting down. "Onm!" She whined, reaching out for him. The little boy frowned, reaching for her and pulling her to her feet.

Rhea whimpered and wiped again at her eyes as she stood beside her brother. "Onm...onm!" She cried, looking at him with tearful eyes. She wrapped her arms around him, reaching his shoulders and leaning her head against him. The little boy sighed and pet her hair, muttering to her.

From the other room came the children's mother, running to check on the little girl. "Rhea! Are you okay?" She asked, scooping the child up. The little girl whined loudly and reached for her brother. "Onm!" But her mother seemed to ignore the little girl, instead taking her hands gently in her own, kissing the backs and pulling a delighted trill from the child. Her tears since stopped she glanced back at the little boy who had now turned and started back down the hall. Rhea frowned again and reached out but she and her mother were ready vanishing back into the room.
A little drabble about baby Rhea and her big brother.

Rhea: mine
Onam and their mother: SubtleAssiduities
I'm just, sorry.
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