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Look More Vent Art by airspritegal
Look More Vent Art
Basically how I feel as of late. Angry, sad...some strange mix of the 2.
pose is a still from the Motion= Call me when you're sober
by SonicWillRule
Looks like you found me by airspritegal
Looks like you found me
She turned and laughed, surprising the other. "Hey! You found me!" Her skirt billowed around her and the girl seemed oblivious to how close to the edge she stood. 
Final moments by airspritegal
Final moments
I was going to call this one "Another one bites the dust" but I figured that it would be tasteless even for me. So story time!
SubtleAssiduities and I technically skipped ahead and never really figured how some of our other characters died, from old age or otherwise. Well I got thinking that after Adrian gets over himself and starts to actually be friends with SubtleAssiduities's vamp twins and is just all around doing great, he should die. Mind you this may just be my headcannon and perhaps she won't like it but here goes. 

Adrian and his brother are at work, doing...log stuff...anyway! Rolin  there was just ahead of Adrian and was just doing his job. When Adrian got to the wagon something or someone bumped the cart just right and it caused the logs to fall loose. Adrian and the man who he was working with were caught in the fray. Rolin turns around at the yells just in time to see his brother vanish beneath the logs. I picture him somewhat going into shock? (if Tiff agrees) so he isn't able to move. 

Their cousin, Julie, who happens to be a vampire by this time, hears the commotion and screams and rushes over in time to see the scene play out. She knows Adrian is under the logs as are like a few others and she knows she won't be able to help alone so she rushes back off to the house and slams open the door. The twins are inside and are probably worried about  Julie as she is all kinds of messed up. She starts trying to say what happened and can only speak in fragments, eventually getting out. "It's Adrian! There looked like an accident! He's hurt! Bad!" SO all three of them go rushing back and mind you this all happened within like 2 mins so...yea...anyway! The three of them manage to get the logs away and such and the other men seem to be okay, hurt but okay, as Adrian was the closest to the logs and thus took on the brunt of the force. Adrian on the other hand is far from okay, he's just about dead at this point. Julie manages to pull him out but it's too late and he dies in her arms after his brother finally manages to come over. 
Get away...Get away! by airspritegal
Get away...Get away!
So, in the rp with SubtleAssiduities who I hope sees this as it has a large bearing on the rp I have decided that Rhea has the same 'problems' as her brother but she has honestly never been angry enough to feel the reaction. She was an easy baby and never cried in anger. She was always good and obedient and never really got mad as a child or young teen either so it was never shown, but now that she and her brother are out of the structure and such of their home I think she will start to be much more open with her emotions. Eventually I see something setting her off and making her angry and then she starts to change as her brother does.
I'm just, sorry.
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I am not one to have any self at all...So do not take it personally if you're compliment seems to fall on deaf ears.

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