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deviation in storage by BryanRush


He looked at the house from a few yards back, hands clenched at his sides nervously. He hadn't been here for so long a small part of him didn't know how welcome he would be. He started when he saw the door open and a dark haired young woman stepped out. Her green eyes landed on the older man and he saw them widen.

"No way!" she cried, stepping closer slowly. "Danny?" she tilted her head, curls falling into her eyes and she quickly brushed them aside.

The redhead raised a hand and smiled sheepishly. "Hey Melia. How are you?"

The girl let out a squeak and was soon bounding across the grass to his side. "Daniel! Daniel!" she cried happily as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He couldn't help the dorky smile that pulled at his lips and he ruffled the girl's hair.

"It's been so..." she stopped suddenly and her expression brightened and without a word of warning she was back at the door, peering inside. "Mama! Mama! Guess what?" she called. Daniel couldn't hear a reply but the girl was soon yelling again. "Come here mama!"

This time he did hear the reply as a older woman walked from the house and to her daughters side. In her hands she held a plate that was currently dripping wet. Her red hair was peppered with gray and the roots were turning as well. It fell long and still thick behind her in a low braid that swung as she walked. She was looking at the girl as if offended she would call her away. When the girl finally pointed to the redheaded man the woman gasped in surprise, the plate dropping from her fingers.

"Daniel?" she asked slowly and he nodded back, his smile turning gentle.

"Hey mom..." he said slowly.

She let out a laugh and started across the yard, where Daniel met her halfway, lifting her from t he ground and spinning her slightly. When her feet were on the ground she laughed again. "Oh! It's been so long! You have not written or anything! You better have a good reason!" she said, hands going to her hips.

Daniel shied away, reminded too much of being reprimanded as a child. "I...I do mom!" he said, sounding like a child again, nervous and seeking approval. The woman smiled again, much more serene now.

"Then come, you can explain inside." she said and the man nodded. He seemed to remember something and said quickly.

"Oh! I'm not here alone.." he said as he turned back to his friends.

His mother turned as well and when seeing them her eyes lit up. "You will all tell me more then!" she said happily before leading them inside.
I don't know... I kind of wanted a scene where Daniel goes back home and takes like everyone with him. I don't know, he did kind of run off so Evelyn, his father and his sister would all worry about him.
Dance with the devil by airspritegal
Dance with the devil
and into oblivion.

More vent art. I apologize for everyone who gets spammed with this stuff.
I didn't mean to by airspritegal
I didn't mean to
Basically Ki is regretting losing control around Hall and is apologizing? Yea, let's go with that.
I'm just, sorry.
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